Our Partners

The goal of Queen’s Conference for Automotive Representatives is to provide students with learning and employment opportunities in the automotive industry. As our partners are a key factor to our success, we will maximize the value of each partnership. Our partners will share their career and industry knowledge with highly motivated and interested students. As QCAR is the only commerce related student run automotive association in Canada, our partners have the unique opportunity to recruit students from various fields.

Your partnership with QCAR will promote your company and build brand awareness. Through the presence of company representatives, merchandise contributions, website features, manual advertisements and banner displays, your company will be effectively integrated into our conference and/or tasters. The level of involvement in these events will depend on the sponsorship levels outlines below. In addition to receiving this value, your partnership with us has the potential to build brand loyalty and directly reach a target employment demographic.

Another benefit of partnering with QCAR is accessing some of the brightest minds from universities across the country, all with an interest and passion for the automotive industry. Our conference is a platform for your company to interact with these students and recruit them for summer or full time positions. Finally, you will be able to gain the perspectives and create insights of a diverse group of students.

QCAR’s emphasis on creativity and innovation is of great benefit for our partners. We are open-minded and encourage partners to create unique and authentic events at our conference and pre-conference events. We are excited to collaborate in the creation of opportunities for your company to make a strong impact on our delegates.

Lastly, we want to provide you with a metric from which to measure your impact at QCAR events. At the end of the QCAR 2016 conference, we will have all delegates fill our a ‘sponsorship feedback form’  which will collect data on how your brands and presence influenced them, as well as comparisons of their view of your company before and after the event. We will compile and send this data to you, with a hope that we can build and improve the partnership each year.

Our Previous Partners